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Weight Management and Holistic Methods PT. I

There is no surprise that the two times of the year most people want to lose those extra 15 pounds are New Years and summer. Since New Year’s resolutions have since passed, it is the warmer months and shedding of our clothes that have us wanting to lose that extra winter weight we put on. But as many of us know, losing weight is something that is extremely hard to do, especially if you truly enjoy the euphoric feeling you can receive from food. When you just cannot seem to shed those last few pounds, maybe it’s time to try holistic methods to aid in your weight management.

If you have tried the fad diets, for example no carbs and no sugar, and they have failed it is time to consider an alternative method. The problem with those “quick fix” diets is that they teach how to lose weight quickly but they do not teach you how to maintain the weight. This is a constant yo-yo dieting effect which can have last effects on your lifestyle if you allow it to continue. When you have constant weight fluctuating you are causing your health levels to rise and fall at a rate that our bodies are not use to, this can have effects with your levels down the road. Do not keep doing this to your physical or mental health any longer; learn more about our weight management at