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Medical Acupuncture: More Than Just Pain Management

Medical acupuncture has been a treatment of pain since before modern medicine was available to everyone. With acupuncture history dating back to BCE China, this method of pain management as grown into a lifestyle that is now a medical answer for various types of symptoms. The list for medical acupuncture methods is truly ever growing. Acupuncture is an answer for pain relief as well as methods such as fertility and it is even used to help with mental issues.

Dr. Bryan MD has taken this ancient method of pain management and brought this service right to you. Combined with a holistic approach, Dr. Bryan is able to provide you with amazing results. There is a science to acupuncture and combined with Chinese medicine Dr. Bryan is able to attack the anatomically and neurologically link to which is causing your pain.

Most of us think about acupuncture as a source for pain management and while that is still one of the most comment uses for it, it is not the only problem area that it can be used to service. Through holistic medicine our office can treat and aid in helping with problem areas such as ear, nose, and throat disorders, headaches and migraines, substance abuse and even with AIDS and HIV.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Dr. Bryan MD

In one of our previous blog posts we briefly mentioned the history of herbal medicine and the lasting effects that it has played into modern medicine today. However, this post will dig a little deeper into the history and how Dr. Bryan MD is playing into effect.

As many of us know history does have a way of repeating itself and that is what Dr. Bryan is doing with Chinese herbal medicine. While it something that has been practiced since BCE it is also something that was not brought into modern medicine until more recently. In Chinese culture this method of curing illness and impalement has been in practice in families for centuries it is something that became more conventional when it was presented to the United States around 30 years ago!

Since that time Chinese herbal medicine has made tremendous strides in the medical field and Dr. Bryan MD knows all about the powerful treatment and success that has come with this method. He has seen large progresses with patients who choose this outlet as an alternative method. Patients are examined through their body, mind, and spirit; Dr. Bryan looks to these three important pieces to asses a patient and there for finding the perfect treatment for that individual. If this a method you’re interested in learn more about call Dr. Bryan today and schedule an appointment.

Weight Management and Holistic Methods PT. II

In our last blog post we focused on the negative effects that can happen when we allow ourselves to yo-yo diet, the list can go on and on. But what should always be the first priority is your mental and physical health, which is something that Dr. Bryan MD can help you achieve. Dr. Bryan MD takes a holistic approach to helping his patients with weight management.

What Does That Mean?

Taking a holistic approach to weight management means that he looks at the root of the weight problem. Looking at the cause, prevention and treatment of obesity, we are able to attack the problem by accessing the mental situation that is at hand. Our holistic methods look at the mental, spiritual, and physical processes of obesity. We combine our methods with treatments and therapies that are directly correlated with the individual. Our methods and treatment plans are individualized so that each patient will see results geared towards their road to recovery.

What Happens Next?

If you or someone you know will benefit from Dr. Bryan and his holistic methods, give us a call. We are here to help you, mentally and physically. Picture yourself the way you have always wanted to be seen, picture yourself running in a marathon you did not think was possible, picture yourself happy.