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Using Medical Hypnosis to Manage Pain PT.2

directory-466935_640How Will It Help?

Instead of focusing on the traditional ways of managing pain, medical hypnosis provides another solution. Many patients get caught up in the physical aspect of the situation, because the pain is attacking their physical body. What they forget, is that the problem can also be treated from a cognitive level – which helps treat your subconscious as well as the physical aspect of the problem.

Not only does the medical hypnosis help manage pain, but it can also help patients begin to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. This method of treatment has showed positive results and is proven to be beneficial for many patients suffering from different kinds of physical problems.

Consult a doctor before participating in medical hypnosis, as there are several important steps that can help you decide whether or not the treatment is the right route for you.

Using Medical Hypnosis to Manage Pain PT.1

sleeping-690429_640When you’re trying to manage chronic pain, it can start to become frustrating. For many people, over-the-counter and prescription medications may work for a while, but then begin to lose their effectiveness.

Holistic medicine treatments offer patients another option instead of the traditional medicine offered by many doctors and physicians today. When it comes to managing your pain, you should be able to freely explore every option available. Finding new ways to manage pain can be easy with the help of Dr. Bryan. One of the common cognitive and behavioral approaches to managing pain is by utilizing medical hypnosis.

What Is Medical Hypnosis?

Dr. Bryan and his staff are experts in Eastern and Western medicine, which has given them over 20 years of experience in holistic medicine, including medical hypnosis.

Medical hypnosis offers patients a chance to attack their problems on a more subconscious level, which is often considered a more effective approach. This method of treatment can be used for more than pain management, including treating migraines, lowering blood pressure and more.

Seeking Out Alternatives to Traditional Medicines and Practices PT.2

7In part one of our blog post, we focused on the various types of herbal medicines that can used to treat various illnesses. There are amazing benefits to using herbal medicines as you read above. This blog post will focus on another medical alternative called motivational interviewing that helps with mental and physical improvements to mind and body.

Motivational Interviewing

Do you have a lifestyle goal that you are determined to achieve? Motivational interviewing is a great way to help motivate individuals to change, which can be one of the key problems in getting healthy. Oftentimes, it is not only our bodies that are sick, but our minds as well. When you can change the way you think and focus on positive results, you will be able to achieve these goals.

This holistic method of treatment provides patients with the chance to discuss goals, participate in counseling or therapy, and make strides to improve.

There are many different holistic methods of treatment available for people who are looking for another way out of their current problems. If you want to learn more about some of the treatments available, contact the office of Dr. Bryan, MD at 310-228-3652 today.

Seeking Out Alternatives to Traditional Medicines and Practices PT.1

6After being constantly poked and prodded at by a doctor, sometimes giving up seems like the only option left. Once you begin trying and trying medications and treatments that don’t seem to work, the options of dealing with physical issues may seem limited, but alternative medicine offers solutions to those in need.

The office of Dr. Bryan knows how frustrating it can be to find the right medication and treatment for your needs, but holistic medicine offers a different approach that many patients find more appealing.

Herbal Medicines

Some of the alternative methods to treating physical health issues may be difficult to understand at first, but herbal medicines offer patients the same idea as traditional medications prescribed by a doctor. One of the only differences is that the medications are entirely natural.

Many of the patients that come into the clinic have already undergone major surgical procedures, so combining these solutions with herbal medicines can help you lead a successful and happy life.

In our next blog post we will focus on the other area of alternative medicine that can help you lead a more holistic lifestyle.

Finding the Right Chiropractor

5We need chiropractors for various ailments, it could be for an issue that has been on going, an injury or a pain that suddenly started to hurt you. When we think of chiropractors, we mostly think of doctors who help our spines. While that is true, they are still doctors that can help you with a wide range of medical issues.  Issues such as: leg pain, sprains, headaches, arthritic pain and even feet pain are all issues that a chiropractor can help you with.  Although, how do you know what to look for when you are choosing a chiropractor?

There are various attributes you should look for when considering a chiropractor. If you are seeking help for a specific medical reason, you might want to consider looking for a chiropractor is specializes in that area over another doctor. This will help you in the long run because if certain injuries are not treated with special care; there can be a prolonged injury. However, if you are looking to seek help with cracking your spine or aligning your back, you might not need a specialized doctor.

The things to keep in mind are, do your research; listen to what other patients have said and read reviews. How did the doctor and staff treat the patients and if they felt comfortable speaking with the doctors. How many years has the doctor been in practice for? Also consider the education that the chiropractor has. Consider looking for a one that practices medical acupuncture for added health benefits.  Takes these questions into consideration next time you are on the hunt for a new chiropractor.