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Treating Anxiety Disorders With Medical Hypnosis

1Health professionals believe that anxiety can be treated with hypnosis as an alternative healing method, as people with anxiety can benefit from the state of awareness that medical hypnosis brings about. Not only can hypnosis reveal the root cause of anxiety, but it can also open up the mind to receptive suggestions that may help the individual overcome the problems that are causing the anxiety.

There are multiple types of hypnosis used by Dr. Bryan MD, top holistic MD in Los Angeles, including: conversational hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and NLP hypnosis.

Hypnosis Methods and Techniques

The most common hypnosis used in the treatment of anxiety is conversational hypnosis which uses suggestive and directive communication to introduce coping mechanisms into the life of the individual. When under hypnosis, the human brain has three basic areas: subconscious, conscious, and the dreaming state.

Conversational hypnosis uses a wakeful state that resembles sleep, as sleep is known to cause the categorizing of information. Once the patient is within this state, healthy practices are introduced to the patients so that they may begin to use them in their conscious day to day life. This type of hypnosis is common because it is powerful, as anxiety sufferers may not question the behavioral adjustments they have to make in order to address their anxiety in a healthy manner.

Dr. Bryan MD, a holistic MD in Los Angeles, may also recommend self-hypnosis so that an anxiety sufferer can deal with the stress they are facing within the moment, rather than needing to wait until their next session. This type of hypnosis often has the patient remain in a calm state, and have them imagine an image that allows them to slip into a concentrated state. This allows the sufferer to stay relaxed, stave off anxiety attacks and act on their own suggestive thoughts.

Finally, NLP hypnosis can be used without a certified therapist, which looks at eliciting positive responses from the individual. These responses are to replace the anxiety and fear that the individual is experiencing. This type of hypnosis does not advocate calmness or relaxation, but looks at boosting self-confidence through positive thinking.

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What Does Motivational Interviewing Encompass?

acupuncture-906144_1920In order for motivational interviewing to be effective, the changes that come about with the therapy need to come about because the patient wants them to, and by drawing out and encouraging the patient to identify their motivations and skills for change, the patient can learn to use them to help themselves.

Motivational therapy, just like is used in MD acupuncture and herbal medicine in LA centers, is focused around a few key areas including:

  • Empathy and acceptance
  • Helping an individual make up their minds in a collaborative environment
  • Provide support and confidence to the individual
  • Help the individual develop a new understanding of themselves

Motivational interviewing can be used for a whole manner of conditions, although it is most commonly found in treatment for those who have addictions ranging from illicit drugs to nicotine (smoking). It is also used in helping individuals with problems associated with weight loss, or in psychology cases where women want to learn how to use contraception more effectively to become pregnant. It is also used in those who participate in risky behaviours that create lifestyle dangers for individuals.

When Motivational Interviewing Should Be Used

3The idea behind motivational interviewing is for the physician to participate in reflective listening while the patient talks. The patient is supposed to feel accepted, heard, and not feel resistance. This means there will not be upset in motivational interviewing. The focus is to heal and be healed through a process that includes your mind, body and soul at the same time.

The physician works to have the patient identify which feelings and thoughts are unhealthy, and to help them develop new thought patterns that will help in aiding a behaviour change. The technique behind motivational interviewing is to build a rapport with the patient, built on trust that is established on a particular desire outcome such as breaking an addiction like smoking, losing weight or drug abuse. Other opportunities lie in areas where pain management is the goal. This includes patients with HIV or cancer.

Motivational interviewing is just one holistic approach that is used in finding healing, just as MD acupuncture and herbal medicine are used in helping the body realign its energy. These options can be helpful dependant on the circumstance. Are you looking for a holistic doctor in Los Angeles? Contact the offices of Dr. Bryan MD for more information on motivational interviewing and how it has shown to be a helpful.

Holistic Methods Used in Treating Drug Addiction: Part II

7Holistic methods for drug addiction treatments can be an alternative to conventional methods of medicine and treatments for drug addiction.

Yoga/Physical Fitness

In order to help rebuild the body, physical strength is required. Yoga or physical fitness helps promote relaxation, and relieve stress by releasing endorphins. Physical activity is also known to help the body remove toxins which have been built up over time.

Massage Therapy

This mainly helps in promoting the wellness of the body by improving blood circulation and aiding in digestion. It can help calm the mind down and reduce any anxiety that the addict may be experiencing.

Nutritional Therapy

Since drugs have such a huge impact on the body and its ability to function, having the right nutrients can help improve the impairment that the body has endured from the drugs. Not only can an addict manage their weight better, and reduce the rapid aging process that comes with drug use, but it can also boost the body’s immune system.

Other methods recommended may include: hypnosis and Chinese herbal medicine. If you are in need of a holistic doctor in LA consider the services of Dr. Bryan MD to help you cope with your current circumstances in a holistic way with proven results.