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Natural Cellulite Solutions: Physical and Oral Treatment Options

weight lossCellulite is a condition that affects more women than men, but everyone can suffer from it as it is an imbalance between the connective tissues in your body and the fat cells that sit on top of this connective tissue. Narrowing down the cause of your cellulite can be exhausting since it can be from genetics, from poor diet, from lack of exercise, or from imbalanced hormones, or any combination thereof.

Since cellulite is a result of the breakdown of cells, both connective and fat, it is suggested that natural methods are pursued when it comes to cellulite treatment in Los Angeles. There are several physical and oral options that an individual can use in combination with one another to reduce the appearance of their cellulite.

 Oral Treatment Options: A Healthier Diet or Supplements?

The number-one thing you can do in fighting against cellulite is make sure you are eating a healthy food balance and drinking plenty of water.

By eating lots of lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruit, and low-fat dairy, you are ensuring you are getting the nutrients into your body that it needs in order to repair and keep its cells at optimal performance. But if you would like to go a step further, try adding in omega-3s and gelatin as both help in digestion processes and the elasticity of loose skin.

Physical Treatment Options: Exercise and Coffee Scrubs!

A physical body treatment will look at treating the skin directly where the cellulite is. The best options are ones that are going to stimulate your lymphatic system so that the broken down fat cells get processed out of the body. There are three different physical body options for this specifically: coffee scrubs, myofascial massages, and dry brushing.

Dry brushing promotes blood flow, tighter skin, and cell renewal and helps the lymphatic skin release any toxins in your body. A coffee scrub will stimulate blood flow and have a tightening effect on your skin. Finally, a myofascial massage will look at targeting the connective tissue directly.

In addition to this, doctors suggest doing kettlebell workouts as an option for cellulite treatment in Los Angeles as it will increase blood flow to the entire body and burn any excess fat in the region.

Cellulite: A Connective Tissue Disorder

celluliteAlthough cellulite affects thousands of people on a daily basis, it is a highly manageable condition that can be greatly reduced if you take care of your body properly and use cellulite treatment in Los Angeles. Essentially, cellulite is a connective tissue disorder where the connective tissue that holds everything in place breaks down.

This is often caused by poor exercise, too much sitting, nutritional deficiencies, and more serious conditions like clogged arteries. When you have a poor circulatory system that causes this breakdown of connective tissue, the fat cells that are on top of the connective tissue also begin to breakdown and warp. This is what causes the dimply look to appear.

What Holistic Treatment Options Are There?

The most common, non-invasive treatments that work are: topical creams, which cannot eliminate cellulite completely on their own but do have impressive reduction rates; dry brushing or light massage; and diet and exercise.

 Topical treatment creams: you should look at topical creams that enhance the elasticity of your skin and hydrate it. The best type of cream that you can buy for cellulite reduction is cream that has been infused with caffeine (coffee scrubs) as it has the ability to release fat. In addition to this, any creams with forskolin, which is a natural plant extract, has the ability to convert fat into muscle.

 Dry brushing/light massage: if you are completely new to cellulite treatment in Los Angeles, you may want to start with dry brushing or light massages. These are effective means for reduction as manual massages allow the lymph system to drain. If you have a sluggish lymph system, then you will have a poorer circulatory system. Get the lymph system draining properly again and it will reduce how much cellulite compounds.

Dry brushing is an inexpensive option that also stimulates the lymph system that works just like a light massage. Brush gently across your skin, moving in an upward motion.

 Diet and exercise: helps fight against the accumulation of cellulite by positing that you are at a healthy weight and are consuming the correct foods like fresh vegetables and fruit, water, low-fat dairy, and lean meats. By eating healthy and getting exercise, you are less likely to build up excess body fat which is important as excess weight contributes to cellulite fat structures.

By combining a healthy lifestyle with light massages, topical treatments, or dry brushing, you can greatly reduce how much cellulite you have.

Achieving That Perfect Body Through Diet and Weight Training

man working outNatural body sculpting, not that surgical kind, looks at enhancing an individual’s body through weight training, muscle-toning and non-aerobic exercises. For individuals who are seeking a holistic way to shape their body, toning it through natural body sculpting classes, exercises, and diet is the right way to go.

The idea behind muscle-toning is to complete exercises that engage the largest muscles in your body in order to build core strength because when all of these muscles are engaged it burns off excess fat from your entire body. There are plenty classes for body sculpting in Los Angeles, that look at teaching beginners and experts how to utilize their bodies in order to slim them down.

Now you don’t have to want to become a body builder in order to take on weight training as anyone can use weights to body sculpt. Body sculpting just happens to be associated with body building more often than general toning up. The idea here is to tone up all areas of your body through weight training exercises so that your core becomes strong.

What You Should Be Eating: Successful Diet Leads to Leaner Bodies

In addition to doing at least thirty minutes of cardio daily, you should be doing at least two days a week of heavy strength training. Once you have this down, you need to ensure you are eating correctly. In order to shed excess body weight, you need to reduce your caloric intake.

Many personal trainers will suggest that you will need to cut about 20 to 25 percent of what you are currently eating in order to shed the excess weight. Essentially, eating about 500 calories less than what you are currently eating will promote weight loss.

Classes for body sculpting in Los Angeles suggest that you eat clean foods such as whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Protein is incredibly important as it is what helps repair and build muscle and if you’re not getting enough, your muscles won’t be able to repair themselves.

Finally, when performing the weight training exercises remember to do eight to 12 repetitions of several types of exercises in order to engage all large muscles in the body. Do this twice a week on non-consecutive days and always increase the amount of weight you use when the exercises become too easy to complete.

Body Contouring: You Don’t Have to Go Under the Knife

cellulite treatmentWhen you lose a large amount of weight, excess skin and fat can remain in and around the upper arms, chest, thighs, and torso area. This excess skin can make it difficult for an individual to move on with their new life. This is where body contouring comes in and changes these regions so that the individual no longer has to look at the excess of what used to be there.

Body contouring looks at altering these regions through different types of procedures. You can receive surgical procedures, or you can use non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures to get rid of any stubborn fat cells or regions that have remained.

However, if you are looking for a holistic approach to body contouring in Los Angeles, then you are going to want to go with the non-invasive options. This means that you don’t necessarily need to go under the knife in order to get rid of the extra skin. Here are a few non-invasive options:

Ultrasonic Energy

Ultrasonic energy can destroy fat cells by permanently breaking down the fat cells which are cleared out by the kidney once broken down. The ultrasonic energy targets the fat cells, the underlying tissue, and tightens the skin. Ultrashape is an option for this type.

Ultrasound Waves

Ultrasound waves look at simulating the collagen in your skin which creates more youthful looking skin and reduces the fat cell count. There are a few options for this type like: Liposonix which uses heat to destroy the unwanted fat cells and Exilis which makes the skin smoother.

Radiofrequency Energy

This type can smooth out loose skin; tighten up sagging skin, and heats up existing collagen within the skin to make it more elastic in nature. By doing this, it also stimulates the growth of new collagen, ensuring that your skin continues to tighten over time reducing how much sag you experience. One option for this is known as Thermage.

Deep Freeze Cells

It is known that fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than your skin does, so by freezing the fat cells, it forces them to die off over the course of six weeks to three months. When you kill off the fat cells by freezing them, the body automatically processes them. CoolSculpting is well known in this category.

There are many benefits to taking the holistic treatments for body contouring in Los Angeles, including the lower costs, the fact that there is no pain associated with these treatments, low infection rates, and no downtime after the treatments.