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Choosing Non-Invasive Laser Treatment: A Holistic Option: Part 2

Basically, the system looks at targeting stubborn areas of fat through six low-level lasers that sweep over the target areas for a total of 30 minutes per treatment. The lasers emulsify the fat cells within the area, making them collapse after the treatment has commenced. Once this is done the body’s lymphatic system will naturally drain out the collapsed cells.

After you have received treatment from the Verju laser system, you will then have the region massaged with a percussion device for 2 minutes. Then you can go back and continue your daily routines without pain or downtime. The best way to get the most efficient results is to have a balanced regime of exercise and diet in addition to treatments.

Is There Pain With the Treatment?

Now since the laser is in the cold therapy category, it means that the patient doesn’t feel anything when undergoing treatment. There is no pain associated with the treatment and the laser does not harm any healthy cells.

This type of treatment is great for individuals who are looking for a holistic way to reduce the amount of fat cells that they have because it looks at healing the body as a whole rather than just the symptoms of the fat cells. If you have stubborn fat that does not disappear with proper diet and exercise, then you are a good candidate for treatment.

Choosing Non-Invasive Laser Treatment: A Holistic Option

laser treatmentNormally when we think about lasers, laser treatment and laser therapy, we think about heat, recovery time, and burns, however with the new non-invasive laser treatment option called the Verju laser, there is no recovery time and no heat associated with any part of the treatment. It is a great option for individuals who are looking for a holistic approach to reducing their overall body fat, whether that be from your legs, abdomen, arms or other areas.

How Does the Verju System Work?

Rather than using the familiar red colored 635nm surface laser, the Verju uses green diodes that are 532nm in wavelength. By switching to the green low level laser therapy, the treatment can deliver a more effective non-invasive treatment for body weight loss and body contouring. The laser uses more energy than a typical red cold therapy laser so it can treat patients faster and increase the amount of circumference reduction that a patient has after treatment.

Are you looking for Verju laser treatments in Los Angeles? Contact the services of today to learn more about the non-invasive procedure to treat cellulite. Holistic practices can be a safe and effective way to combat unsightly cellulite in areas of the abdomen and thighs.

The Holistic Benefits of Low Laser Medicine

holistic healthA low-level laser therapy can be a great option for those who are looking for an effective alternative to medication and surgery. What makes it so great is the fact that there are no side effects and no down time with any of the treatments that the system can provide.

Not only does it help individuals regenerate tissue faster, but it can help reduce any type of inflammation on the body and decrease any pain caused from injuries or said inflammation. With advanced technology, the Verju laser in Los Angeles can even reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce the amount of fat that an individual has around specific areas of their body like their abdomen, thighs and arms.

Now because holistic medicine looks at treating the entire body as a whole, it is important to note that the Verju system does just that, it targets any pain or fat at the cellular level and either eliminates it or reduces it. For those who want to heal their body from the inside out, can expect to experience the following benefits of obtaining low level laser therapy:

  • A reduction in fat
  • No recovery time or down time
  • Pain reduction for injuries
  • Helps muscle-fatigue
  • Can reduce cellulite appearance
  • Will not harm other healthy cells if fat cells are only being targeted
  • It can help all kinds of conditions including: arthritis, skin conditions and feet conditions
  • There are no known side effects
  • Almost anyone is a candidate

 Now because the Verju laser in Los Angeles is a non-invasive and new system, it uses the new technology of green diodes. This means that unlike red lasers, there is no time needed to heal because there is no heat and no pain with the treatment.

It uses light to boost the healing capabilities of an individual’s mitochondria which means that the time it takes to heal is quicker.  In terms of treatments that it provides, not only can it reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce the amount of fat cells, it can also help those who have chronic pain conditions.

4 Holistic Options for Contouring Your Body

yoga posesNo matter how hard we try, we will experience pockets of fat somewhere on our bodies throughout our lifetimes. Most often these pockets will be along the thighs, under the arms or on the abdominal region of the body. They may also occur around the top of the arms and on the chest area.

If you are one of these people who are currently suffering from stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go away with proper diet and exercise, then you may want to try body contouring in Los Angeles.

If you do go ahead and decide to go with a contouring treatment, there are four holistic options that are minimally invasive which target fat cells. Keep in mind that for some of these treatments, you will have redness and soreness in the region that gets treated on.

Ultrashape: is a liposuction procedure that pulses the fat cells in order to emulsify them. The sound waves from the liposuction break apart the fat cells which are eliminated by the lymphatic drainage system of the body. It is non-invasive, has no downtime, has no pain and takes a maximum of 90 minutes per treatment session.

Liposonix: Is also a non-invasive liposuction procedure that uses ultrasounds to permanently reduce fat. Basically the system is placed over the soft tissue that contains fat cells and then ultrasound waves are sent across the skin which breaks the fat apart. The broken down fat cells are then naturally eliminated by the body.

 I-Lipo: Uses low-level-laser therapy to stimulate how your cells function. By stimulating the cells, your body’s natural processes for eliminating and releasing toxins are boosted. Basically it triggers your body into releasing the contents of your cells. There is no downtime and it is a minimally invasive procedure.

 Cryolipolysis: Basically cools down the localized treatment area, exposing the fat cells to extreme cooling temperatures that then causes cell death. Now because fat cells reach cell death at a different temperature than healthy cells, the healthy cells are not harmed during the procedure.

 The only thing you have to keep in mind after getting a non-invasive procedure like the body contouring in Los Angeles is that you have to keep a healthy diet afterwards in order to keep your slimmer profile.