The Balancing of Energy for Health Benefits With Acupuncture

Acupuncture Acupuncture has become a widespread recognized medical procedure used for its therapeutic benefits. It originated in China and was practiced there for thousands of years before it was discovered in Europe a couple of hundred years ago. Since the 20th century began, medical acupuncture in Los Angeles has spread rapidly, being a popular choice for individuals who suffer from chronic pain.

How Does It Work?

Acupuncture works by inserting thin needles into the patient’s skin along a set of specific points. These points are known as meridians which are thought to be vital energy points. There are 350 different acupuncture points along the body, where a certified acupuncturist can access the energy flows. Upon doing so, the body’s energy can be re-balanced, helping provide relief to those who are suffering from pain, illness or other conditions.

The western world believes that by inserting these thin needles into the body where the nerves, connective tissue and muscles are, they can be stimulated. By stimulating them, it is believed that blood flow is increased and the body’s natural pain killers are released giving the patient relief.

What Are the Benefits?

One of the major benefits of getting acupuncture treatment is that there are very few side effects and when it is performed correctly by a certified physician, it is a safe procedure. It is also used in combination with other treatments such as surgery or physiotherapy and has had tremendous effectiveness when used with integrated medicine.

Medical acupuncture in Los Angeles is extremely beneficial to a patient who wants an alternative to pain medications as it is very effective at controlling chronic pains, neck pain, back pain and joint pain. When it comes to the risks, as long as the patient does not have a bleeding disorder or is on blood thinners, the procedure is safe.

Conditions and Problems Treated by Medical Acupuncture

3Acupuncture has a wide variety of uses, but is mainly used as a preventative medicine. Medical acupuncture is a Chinese Medicine that aims at rebalancing the body’s energy. It is used to promote health, increase an individual’s energy and can be used as a last resort for serious and complex medical problems.

Acupuncturists use a set of needles that are inserted into specified points along the body, known as meridian lines, in order to restore the balance or flow of “qi.” Acupuncture is known as an alternative therapy and that is believed to do the following:

  • Stimulate the release of pain-relieving endorphins,
  • Influence the release of neurotransmitters in the brain,
  • Influence the autonomic nervous system,
  • Stimulate the body’s circulation system,
  • Influence the electrical currents of the body.

Many countries and cities around the world no longer see medical acupuncture as an experimental treatment, but now consider it an official medical service.

What Can It Treat?

Medical acupuncture is known to commonly help with pain-related conditions. These conditions or problems can range anywhere from common migraines and headaches, to more serious issues like chronic pain, Meniere’s disease, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Acupuncture covers the following areas:

  • Ear, eye, nose, and throat disorders. Such as poor eyesight and sinusitis
  • Circulatory disorders. Such as high blood pressure and anemia
  • Gastrointestinal disorders. Such as irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis
  • Gynecological/genitourinary disorders. Such as PMS and Fibroids
  • Immune disorders. Such as Lupus and HIV/AIDS
  • Addiction. Such as smoking cessation and drugs
  • Emotional and Psychological Disorders. Such as anxiety and depression
  • Musculoskeletal and Neurological Disorders. Such as shingles, low back pain, and sciatica
  • Respiratory Disorders. Such as asthma and bronchitis

In addition to the above, acupuncture is also known to help with chemotherapy and radiation side effects, diabetes, dermatological disorders, and can help with weight control.

What Does Motivational Interviewing Encompass?

acupuncture-906144_1920In order for motivational interviewing to be effective, the changes that come about with the therapy need to come about because the patient wants them to, and by drawing out and encouraging the patient to identify their motivations and skills for change, the patient can learn to use them to help themselves.

Motivational therapy, just like is used in MD acupuncture and herbal medicine in LA centers, is focused around a few key areas including:

  • Empathy and acceptance
  • Helping an individual make up their minds in a collaborative environment
  • Provide support and confidence to the individual
  • Help the individual develop a new understanding of themselves

Motivational interviewing can be used for a whole manner of conditions, although it is most commonly found in treatment for those who have addictions ranging from illicit drugs to nicotine (smoking). It is also used in helping individuals with problems associated with weight loss, or in psychology cases where women want to learn how to use contraception more effectively to become pregnant. It is also used in those who participate in risky behaviours that create lifestyle dangers for individuals.

How Acupuncture Can Help With Addiction and Substance Abuse

4Acupuncture is a popular method used in rehabilitating individuals with addiction problems due to its ability to help manage withdrawal symptoms such as cravings. For addiction and substance abuse, the most common acupuncture technique used is auricular ear acupuncture which focuses on the micro system of the body by mapping the entire body onto the ear. The idea behind it is to stimulate a physiological response through the use of magnets, pellets, and needles. This is often used in conjunction with full-body acupuncture and requires long-term treatment.

How Does Auricular Ear Acupuncture Work?

Holistic methods such as auricular ear acupuncture follow the national acupuncture detoxification association treatment protocol, where five specific points on the ear is used for addiction treatment. These points include:

  • Lung Point: looks to strengthen the immune system and accelerate detoxification. It can also help in grief management.
  • Liver Point: Helps promote liver repair and helps resolve anger and aggression.
  • Kidney Point: Helps resolve fear, increase willpower, and rectifies the energy that is damaged by chemical abuse.
  • Shenmen Point: Helps alleviate anxiety and nervousness, by utilizing a calming effect.
  • Sympathetic Point: Looks to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

It is recommended that auricular ear acupuncture be performed on a daily basis until the individual has completely stopped using substances or alcohol. Once they have stopped, than the frequency can be dropped to a more suitable rate. This rate will vary from individual to individual, but ranges between once to twice a week, to a monthly basis. The acupuncture is done in a non-confrontational environment, in a group setting, where a typical treatment lasts about forty minutes.

What Substances Does Auricular Ear Acupuncture Treat?

Holistic methods such as this can treat minor addictions like caffeine from coffee or tea, to more serious addictions such as alcohol, cocaine, crack, and heroine. It can help treat those suffering from addictions to pain medications such as Vicodin or OxyContin, and it can help with addictions to marijuana, crystal meth, and nicotine.

Holistic Alternatives and Acupuncture Pain Relief PT.2

acupuncture-656578_1920Rather than using medicine-based, disease-oriented diagnostics, acupuncture looks to promote the natural healing of the human body through applying electrical or heat stimulation. By stimulating areas which are linked to the primary source of the pain, not only will the pain be relieved, but the energy flow can be restored, bringing relaxed well-being to the patient.

How Often Does One Need Acupuncture?

Since acupuncture is a functional holistic medicine, one will need to seek treatment based on their condition. How fast the treatment works will be dependent on the individual; it could take a week, or a few weeks to start working. Rather than having treatment done and waiting for the duration to wear down, acupuncture should be done multiple times a week to ensure a response of the body.

Once the treatment begins to work, one should stop treatments until the body needs to be restored again. Once the pattern is discerned for how often your body needs to be restored, the acupuncturist will see you about once a month, elongating the treatments so that your body needs to be treated on a less frequent basis.

Holistic Alternatives and Acupuncture Pain Relief PT.1

teapot-196238_1920Although some holistic methods are considered New Age, in reality they date back thousands of years to older traditions that used them as ways to relieve the human body of pain. One of these methods is medical acupuncture, which derives itself from traditional Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture looks to restore patterns of energy which flow through the body. When these patterns of energy are disrupted, it is believed that illness and disease are permitted to enter the body through the imbalance.

What Conditions Does Acupuncture Treat?

From chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome, to musculoskeletal conditions like myofascial or nerve pain, acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions. If you suffer from headaches or migraines, cancer, face disorders, or even substance abuse, acupuncture can bring relief to the pain that is associated with these types of conditions.

The idea behind acupuncture and holistic medicine is to not only heal the body of any physical pain, but to also heal the mind and the spirit of the person as well. When one can focus on healing themselves, the natural medicine of acupuncture can restore the functions of the body. It is widely practised around the world, and can be used to even treat more minor conditions such as anxiety, menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, tennis elbow, and even post-operative nausea.

Acupuncture to Promote Pregnancy in Women

4Infertility can take a large toll on a family who is trying to get pregnant. The great thing about modern medicine is that there are so many options for women who are experiencing infertility. Some of the most common methods are: artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and surrogacy. Granted there are many more options, but these are the ones that most often chosen over the other ones.  But what happens if you try these alternative methods and nothing happens?

Well if you have tried these methods and nothing has happened, there may be another option that has a high success rate that might be your best bet. There is a holistic method of acupuncture that can help boost your fertility. Research suggests that this method helps with couples who are using the IVF. Over the years there have been positive results of couples who have gotten pregnant when acupuncture and IVF are coupled together. This alternative method can also be used to help with male infertility; it helps improve the sperm count and strength of the sperm swim.

Acupuncture is used to balance the qi within a person’s body to help vital energy flow through certain pathways. If you are considering acupuncture has a method of pregnancy start with Dr. Bryan, his staff is trained to allow for high levels of qi to flow through your whole body.

Medical Acupuncture for Gynecological Disorders

Medical Acupuncture can effectively treat several gynecological disorders. This includes painful menstruation, PMS and the inability to menstruate. Relieving the symptoms is the key to medical acupuncture. Here are a few situations where medical acupuncture for gynecological disorders can help.

  • Dysmenorrhea – Painful menstruation is called dysmenorrhea. Pain and discomfort can be alleviated when treated with medical acupuncture. This would include minimizing the pain from cramps.
  • PMS – Premenstrual syndrome can be a time of monthly swollen or tender breaks, fatigue, trouble sleeping, bloating, headaches, cravings, musdirectory-466935_640cle plain, concentration issues, irritability, anxiety and depression. Many of these discomforts can be alleviated by medical acupuncture.
  • Amenorrhea – The lack of menstruation is called amenorrhea. This can be considered a genetic defect or could be resulting from another issue. Symptoms may include the production of milk in a woman who is not pregnant or breastfeeding, headaches, reduced peripheral vision, increased hair growth, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and anxiety.

Medical acupuncture for gynecological disorders can have many benefits. The reduction of pain and improved mental well-being are just some of the most prevalent. Consult a professional medical acupuncturist for full recommendations. For more information concerning medical acupuncture in the LA area, consult Dr. Bryan, MD at 310.228.3652.

Medical Acupuncture: More Than Just Pain Management

Medical acupuncture has been a treatment of pain since before modern medicine was available to everyone. With acupuncture history dating back to BCE China, this method of pain management as grown into a lifestyle that is now a medical answer for various types of symptoms. The list for medical acupuncture methods is truly ever growing. Acupuncture is an answer for pain relief as well as methods such as fertility and it is even used to help with mental issues.

Dr. Bryan MD has taken this ancient method of pain management and brought this service right to you. Combined with a holistic approach, Dr. Bryan is able to provide you with amazing results. There is a science to acupuncture and combined with Chinese medicine Dr. Bryan is able to attack the anatomically and neurologically link to which is causing your pain.

Most of us think about acupuncture as a source for pain management and while that is still one of the most comment uses for it, it is not the only problem area that it can be used to service. Through holistic medicine our office can treat and aid in helping with problem areas such as ear, nose, and throat disorders, headaches and migraines, substance abuse and even with AIDS and HIV.

Dr. Bryan MD, Taking Holistic Methods to the Next Level

Dr. Bryan MD is known for taking the medical industry by storm; he is a visionary that challenges the medical field. He does this by taking ancient techniques and marries them with the idea of patient/ doctor relationship building. The importance of a relationship, coupled with holistic methods is one that makes this doctor’s office so unique.

A relationship factor is so important because it helps the client feel at ease and truly experience all of the benefits of the services we offer. When you are dealing with such strong subjects like medical acupuncture, motivational interviewing, pain and weight management, you want to make sure you have a strong support system in your fighting corner. That is what we can present to you; we are there to ensure you a healthy lifestyle while giving you the support you need. With the right support and treatment, you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We take our unique approach and pair it with our proven techniques, to see our patients thrive. We have seen a high success rate, when the client feels comfortable with their doctor as well as embracing all of the benefits of holistic medicine. You will feel your mind, body, and spirit lifted to new levels of health and happiness.