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Holistic and Homeopathic Medicines: The Important Differences

herbsWhen it comes to deciding whether you are going to use homeopathic remedies or a holistic treatment plan for your condition, illness, or injury, you first must learn the differences between the two different medicines. Often you will hear homeopathy, holistic medicine, integrative, and naturopathy used interchangeably together, but they are actually quite different in how they approach treatment.

A doctor that practices holistic medicine in Los Angeles looks at several different factors including: the root cause of the illness, increasing how the individual participates in their treatment, and considers the use of both alternative and conventional methods of treatment. In most cases, holistic medicine is uses just alternative therapies for treatment but when it is combined with conventional methods, it is known as integrative medicine.

Homeopathic medicine on the other hand, is a system of medicine that is known for its water-based solutions that contain diluted ingredients. It uses the law of similar (treating like with like) in order to treat illnesses. For instance, any substance or treatment that mimics the actual illness may be used in order to treat it. The most common example of this is using a “dead” version of the flu virus in humans so that our bodies can mimic and build up the anti-bodies needed to fight off the real thing.

Rather than treating an illness with likeness, holistic medicine in Los Angeles will treat the person as a whole rather than narrowing down the one particular symptom. By doing this, holistic medicine addresses all facets of what may be causing the condition, or causing it to worsen.

In a lot of cases, a patient will also be told to make lifestyle and dietary changes to help with their treatment plan. Some examples of these changes are adding in acupuncture to their treatment or doing yoga on a daily basis.

Integrative Medicine and Weight-Loss Solutions

2If you are overweight, you increase your chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions, whether they only have a few extra pounds or a lot.

It’s so much more than just a cosmetic issue. But before pulling out an all synthetic solution to your high blood pressure or weight conditions, one should consider seeing Dr. Bryan MD, an integrative medicine doctor in Los Angeles, as they can provide a healing-oriented approach.


What Is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine looks at the entire person as a whole; this includes their physical body, their mind, and mental wellness as well as their spiritual state. It then combines both conventional and alternative medicine therapies in conjunction with a therapeutic relationship, to then treat the condition which in this case is weight loss. Integrative medicine uses the following principles:

  • A healing process which is a result of a partnership between the patient and practitioner.
  • Combination of conventional and alternative methods to produce a healing response.
  • Consideration of all factors that affect health,
  • Use of natural, less-invasive interventions,
  • Prevention of illness and the treatment of the disease not just the symptoms.


For conditions associated specifically with weight loss, Dr. Bryan MD, may suggest that individuals go through a therapeutic lifestyle program. This is specifically designed around a food and exercise program that includes meal plans, workbooks, tracking charts, and other tools.

The first step to understanding what type of combination of medicine practice is required, is to identify if there are any undiscovered health problems such as elevated hormones or thyroid problems. An alternative program will then center on assessing and understanding your health concerns, as well as your overall health. This will include getting to know how much muscle you have, how much body fat you have, what your water level intake should be, and so on.

Once this is done, you will then need to learn about what foods your body needs in order to be properly nourished. The program would also include making relevant lifestyle changes, helping mold the thought process around food, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices, and then defining what maintenance is needed once you have reached your goal.

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What Does Motivational Interviewing Encompass?

acupuncture-906144_1920In order for motivational interviewing to be effective, the changes that come about with the therapy need to come about because the patient wants them to, and by drawing out and encouraging the patient to identify their motivations and skills for change, the patient can learn to use them to help themselves.

Motivational therapy, just like is used in MD acupuncture and herbal medicine in LA centers, is focused around a few key areas including:

  • Empathy and acceptance
  • Helping an individual make up their minds in a collaborative environment
  • Provide support and confidence to the individual
  • Help the individual develop a new understanding of themselves

Motivational interviewing can be used for a whole manner of conditions, although it is most commonly found in treatment for those who have addictions ranging from illicit drugs to nicotine (smoking). It is also used in helping individuals with problems associated with weight loss, or in psychology cases where women want to learn how to use contraception more effectively to become pregnant. It is also used in those who participate in risky behaviours that create lifestyle dangers for individuals.

The Effectiveness of Nutritional and Herbal Therapy on Addicts: Part II

acupuncture-906144_1920As mentioned in a previous post, there are many options for addiction therapy. These include holistic methods, such as supplements, herbal medicines and spiritual practices.

What These Holistic Therapies Consist Of:

Nutritional therapy is often used with addicts who are malnourished, since malnourished bodies cannot eliminate toxins efficiently; nutritional therapy is used to fill in the gaps in their nutrition. By doing so, the individual is better able to eliminate those toxins from the body.

Supplements such as zinc and vitamin C are used with alcohol addiction as alcohol limits the absorption of these vitamins and minerals. In addition to this, beta-carotene, vitamin E, B1 (thiamine), and selenium are used to reduce any free radicals within an alcoholic’s system.

Herbal medicine on the other hand looks at detoxifying the body and easing the individual of the withdrawal symptoms that they experience. Herbs are used to cleanse the blood, and support the liver by preventing drug-induced damage.  For individuals who are uptight, anxious, or incredibly nervous during the rehabilitation process, herbs such as chamomile, peppermint, skullcap, and catnip are used to calm down the central nervous system. Finally, if the individual is suffering from alcohol abuse, than bitter tea is used to suppress the desire for alcohol.

The Effectiveness of Nutritional and Herbal Therapy on Addicts

2Holistic therapies are becoming popular among alternative therapists as they provide individuals with addictions a full-body, mind-healing experience. Rather than using traditional means of drug rehabilitation,  holistic methods look at draining the body of toxins through natural means.

By using vitamins, good nutrition, and exercise the body can be cleansed fully without requiring any substance use. In order for an addict to have a clean slate to begin with, they need to devote their time to eating healthily, exercising, and connecting themselves to their spirit. Once they have fully cleansed their body of the substance they are addicted to, than they can begin treatment for their mind.

When it comes to choosing a therapy that is right for an individual, there are many contributing factors including what type of substance abuse they are involved in, what their background is, and whether they have contact with a support system. A few holistic methods used in treating addicts include:

  • Nutritional Therapy: which looks at nutritional deficiencies and the detoxification process.
  • Herbal Therapy: which reduces craving for certain substances as well as the detoxification process.

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Chinese Alternative Medicine for Blocked Fallopian Tubes PT. 2

shutterstock_107209154How Herbs Help with Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Many Chinese herbal remedies are seen as little more than myth or old wives’ tales, but many have been show to work and they can help with fallopian tube blockage by reducing inflammation and irritation and flushing the tubes clean. The active substances and compounds in these herbs help reduce scar tissue, can dissolve mucus and fluid buildup, and can help maintain a healthy environment within the reproductive tract.

Herbal remedies are easy and non-invasive; they can be administered by drinking a tea or tonic, swallowing herbal supplements, or with a specially designed medicated tampon. The healing antioxidants, nutrients, and elements of the herbs are then absorbed by the body and carried to the fallopian tubes. Many of the traditional Chinese herbs have been used for generations to treat infertility issues and have been shown to be effective in:

  1. Reducing infections and working like natural antibiotics
  2. Reducing inflammations, pain, and swelling in the reproductive tract
  3. Improving oxygen and blood circulation so the fallopian tubes remain healthy
  4. Hormone balancing to help regulate the natural cycles of the reproductive system

Consider Homeopathy Options

This holistic science, embraced by ancient Chinese cultures, focuses on finding cures and applying them effectively with little to no side effects. Many remedies exist to help with the treatment of blocked tubes and other issues that result in infertility. Some of the remedies commonly used include:

  • Jamaican Dogwood Bark
  • Wild Yam Root
  • Natrum
  • Goldenseal Root
  • Bladder wrack
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Cramp Bark
  • Thyroidinum
  • Ginger Root
  • Hawthorn Leaf
  • Frt, Arame
  • Dong Quai Root
  • Sarsaparilla Root
  • Pulsatilla

You do not have to deal with infertility issues any longer. Call the office of Dr. Bryan today about using some of these Chinese herbal medicines to help unblock your fallopian tubes without surgery or painful side effects!

Chinese Alternative Medicine for Blocked Fallopian Tubes PT. 1

shutterstock_281157407Of all the components of the female body, the fallopian tubes are one of the most important when it comes to fertility and pregnancy. Theses thin, slightly curved tubes are what connects the ovaries and uterus and it is also the organ that transports the egg to the womb when it has been fertilized. When something goes wrong with this delivery path, infertility is often the result.

Infertility is a distressing condition for many couples, and an estimated one third of all reported infertility cases are attributed to fallopian tube blockage. When there is a blockage of the tube, it prevents fertilization of the egg or pregnancy. One or both fallopian tubes may be blocked and the common obstructions are mucus plugs, outside debris, swelling due to infection, fluid buildup, or scar tissue.

Surgery can help remove some blockage but carries a great deal of risks for the woman. A safer and non-evasive option is to turn to the herbs that have been used in traditional Chinese alternative medicine for centuries as many of them can remove the fallopian tube blockage or greatly reduce its interference with fertility and pregnancy. There are other methods that alternative medicine can help with fallopian tubes, read our next blog post to learn more!

Holistic Alternatives and Acupuncture Pain Relief PT.1

teapot-196238_1920Although some holistic methods are considered New Age, in reality they date back thousands of years to older traditions that used them as ways to relieve the human body of pain. One of these methods is medical acupuncture, which derives itself from traditional Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture looks to restore patterns of energy which flow through the body. When these patterns of energy are disrupted, it is believed that illness and disease are permitted to enter the body through the imbalance.

What Conditions Does Acupuncture Treat?

From chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome, to musculoskeletal conditions like myofascial or nerve pain, acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions. If you suffer from headaches or migraines, cancer, face disorders, or even substance abuse, acupuncture can bring relief to the pain that is associated with these types of conditions.

The idea behind acupuncture and holistic medicine is to not only heal the body of any physical pain, but to also heal the mind and the spirit of the person as well. When one can focus on healing themselves, the natural medicine of acupuncture can restore the functions of the body. It is widely practised around the world, and can be used to even treat more minor conditions such as anxiety, menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, tennis elbow, and even post-operative nausea.

Holistic Methods That Can Be Brought In Throughout Your Daily Life

2With so many various fads that seem to be popping up on a daily basis, it can be hard to really nail it down as to what you should do to help your body. If you are looking for a new diet to try, there is the paleo diet following all of what our ancestors ate, or there is going gluten free which is supposed to have many health benefits. However, with all of that information out there how to do you know which one is going to be the ideal choice for you? You can take a quiz or maybe read articles on Pinterest, but the best thing to do is try it out for you.

We are not talking about trying a fad diet to lose weight; we are talking about taking your health in a serious matter with holistic methods. Holistic methods are an alternative medicine route that does involve taking medications upon medications; it is a healthier alternative to getting the nutrients that you need to survive. Dr. Bryan is well verse in holistic methods because of the power that he has seen patients succeed. Since there are so many outlets to take with holistic methods; medical acupuncture, HIV medicine and pain management, there shouldn’t be an answer as to why this should not be your daily choice. Take a break from the Pinterest pins and head over to DrBryanMD.com to learn more about how your life can benefit from holistic methods!

Massage v. Holistic Manual Therapy

wellness-285587_640Massage is actually a form of holistic manual therapy, but certainly not the only type. Manual therapy is the manipulation of the body to relax muscles and soft tissues, increase blood and oxygen flow, provide warmth and relieve pain to the affected area. There are a few forms of typical types of massage that are usually practiced during holistic manual therapy.

Swedish Massage – This is where the therapist focuses on using long strokes across the muscles mixed with kneading and friction to promote flexibility. The uses of light, rhythmic and tapping strokes are also used for top layers of the muscle. It can be both relaxing and energizing to receive a Swedish massage.

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue therapy is where there is a large amount of attention given to certain painful or stiff areas of the body. The therapist would use slow deliberate strokes to pay special attention to the layers of muscles, tendons and other tissues in the affected area. Chronic pain can be alleviated through deep tissue massage.

Neuromuscular Therapy – NMT is an approach that is usually given to those patients with severe, chronic pain. NMT is a massage therapy that focuses on soft tissue with soft pressure to stimulate skeletal striated muscles. The steps of neuromuscular therapy include locating the area of spasm and using gliding then grasping techniques to use friction to alleviate strain.

Holistic manual therapy can be a very useful form of therapy for chronic pain. See a professional today.

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