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Lipolaser Body Contouring

stomach weight lossFacial contouring with makeup is the thing right now – but, something sneaking its way up in popularity is something called body contouring. This is not done with makeup, but with a laser, and is often referred to as lipolaser body contouring. As opposed to a standard liposuction surgery, which is invasive, costly, painful and potentially risky, lipolaser body contouring simply aims to the shrink the fat cells instead of invasively removing them.

This process has discovered how to use the way your body naturally operates in its favor. The laser penetrates only a few millimeters beneath your skin, leaving your organs unharmed but your fat cells not as safe. The laser then essentially bursts the fat cells so that they drain into your lymphatic system in the form of triglycerides. This can be expelled in natural ways like through the process of urination.

This clinically-proven, non-invasive approach to body contouring has revolutionized weight loss. With little to no pain, absolutely no surgery, and no recovery time, lipolaser body contouring is a cost-effective alternative to liposuction and all of its complications. This easy and relaxed treatment only takes a short amount of time and will not hinder any of the other activity during your day – you can even exercise the same day! Your body won’t be inactive for recovery, meaning you will be burning more calories and losing more weight on your own than with liposuction.

This new method of fat burning is for the working-person who may be having trouble losing those last for pounds or getting started. If you’re in need of more information, or would like to schedule a consultation for body contouring in Los Angeles, California, visit DrBryanMD.com today.

Cellulite: Information, Causes, and Treatment Options

woman's legs and feetCellulite is a completely normal fat that many people are affected by. Often described to look similar to an orange peel in texture, it is simply normal fat that creates a bumpy appearance under the skin because it pushes against connective tissue. Despite this skin pucker being safe and normal, a lot of people would wish to be rid of their cellulite because of the appearance. Before you can consider treatments for cellulite though, you must know what causes it.

Cellulite can occur in anybody, regardless of weight, gender or race. However, the substance does seem to be more prevalent in women over men, especially if it other women in the family have it. Other factors that can influence cellulite are:

  • Poor diet
  • Fad dieting
  • Hormone changes
  • Not being physically active
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Slow metabolism

These are only some factors, and being healthy isn’t going to always guarantee a cellulite free body since it has nothing to do with your overall health. If reducing cellulite is still something you’re interested in, two common methods are cellulite creams and liposuction. The creams are topical ointments you apply to the area you wish to affect, however these can sometimes be harmful in people with circulatory problems or have allergic reactions. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat deposits from the body, but this won’t always solve cellulite issues since the fat being removed is much deeper than the almost surface level cellulite.

If you’re looking for cellulite treatment in Los Angeles, California, and creams and invasive procedures aren’t for you, consider a Verju Laser treatment. This is a non-invasive, proven option to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Visit DrBryanMD.com to learn more about our different holistic services in the Los Angeles area.

Integrative Medicine and Weight-Loss Solutions

2If you are overweight, you increase your chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions, whether they only have a few extra pounds or a lot.

It’s so much more than just a cosmetic issue. But before pulling out an all synthetic solution to your high blood pressure or weight conditions, one should consider seeing Dr. Bryan MD, an integrative medicine doctor in Los Angeles, as they can provide a healing-oriented approach.


What Is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine looks at the entire person as a whole; this includes their physical body, their mind, and mental wellness as well as their spiritual state. It then combines both conventional and alternative medicine therapies in conjunction with a therapeutic relationship, to then treat the condition which in this case is weight loss. Integrative medicine uses the following principles:

  • A healing process which is a result of a partnership between the patient and practitioner.
  • Combination of conventional and alternative methods to produce a healing response.
  • Consideration of all factors that affect health,
  • Use of natural, less-invasive interventions,
  • Prevention of illness and the treatment of the disease not just the symptoms.


For conditions associated specifically with weight loss, Dr. Bryan MD, may suggest that individuals go through a therapeutic lifestyle program. This is specifically designed around a food and exercise program that includes meal plans, workbooks, tracking charts, and other tools.

The first step to understanding what type of combination of medicine practice is required, is to identify if there are any undiscovered health problems such as elevated hormones or thyroid problems. An alternative program will then center on assessing and understanding your health concerns, as well as your overall health. This will include getting to know how much muscle you have, how much body fat you have, what your water level intake should be, and so on.

Once this is done, you will then need to learn about what foods your body needs in order to be properly nourished. The program would also include making relevant lifestyle changes, helping mold the thought process around food, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices, and then defining what maintenance is needed once you have reached your goal.

For a knowledgeable and reliable, holistic doctor in Los Angeles, trust in Dr. Bryan MD! Call to schedule an appointment at (866)454-1921 today.

Holistic Weight Loss Strategies for the Entire Body: Part II

woman-865021_1920Making healthy choices for your mind anybody can be a safe alternative to make methods of weight loss. Here are a few more ways that weight loss is really for your entire mind, body and soul.

Meditation – It helps an individual get a greater mindset about their thoughts, feelings, and emotions that they may have never noticed. The greater mindset may include awareness on eating habits, whether or not they are actually hungry or full, and it can help heighten the awareness associated with eating cues. By doing this, one can curb overeating, and create a better mindset about themselves by being more aware of their choices.

Self-Monitoring – It is an age-old technique used to systematically observe and record how much one is eating and exercising. By seeing what is being consumed and how much calories you are burning it can help you avoid over-eating or taking extra trips to the kitchen. It can also shed light on what types of exercises are working for you, and it can help reinforce positive thoughts.

These types of techniques should always be used with a healthy and responsible diet. Our holistic doctor in L.A. states that the approach must be tailored to the challenges you face and any patterns that you typically revert to.

Holistic Weight Loss Strategies for the Entire Body

6When it comes to weight loss, the road is never easy as there are many challenges and choices that individuals have to make along the way. For those looking to take the holistic route, an individual would want to use a safe and effective weight loss regimen that incorporates whole foods such as eggs, fish, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy oils after consulting with a physician for safe practices.

An individual who is taking a holistic approach will want to eat nutrient-dense foods rather than calorie dense as these will foster wellness and will clear out any heavily processed foods that the individual is used to eating prior to their diet change. For implementing holistic strategies, a holistic doctor in L.A. recommends that an individual does the following:

Positive Messages – Most of us have a bad relationship with food because we turn it into the enemy, by restricting our diets or by punishing ourselves for our food choices. When this is done, it reinforces the weight problem which makes the journey more difficult.

Rather, using positive messages about food, about controlling eating, or choosing healthier food will help re-frame how an individual sees their relationship with food, which makes the journey easier.

Bariatrics: Holistic Weight Loss For Overall Wellness

belly-2473_640Risks for obesity include gallstones, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, stroke and sleep apnea.  Dependent on where your fat is stored, it can cause specific issues. It is also due to genetic disposition. Here are a few symptoms that bariatrics can help with.

  • Sleep Apnea – A common disorder that causes stops or pauses in breathing while sleeping is called sleep apnea. These “pauses” can last a few seconds to minutes and usually finishes with coughing or gasping for air. Usually, this causes poor sleep quality and fatigue throughout the daytime hours. Sleep apnea is most common in people that are overweight but can also affect those with enlarged tonsil tissue or other breathing issues.
  • Type 2 Diabetes – A disease that handles the amount of glucose in your body is classified as type 2 diabetes. Contributing factors include genes, extra weight and too much glucose from your liver. These issues can usually be remedied through weight reduction which lowers glucose levels in the body.

Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity. Reducing weight can lead to much more symptom relief, as well as the decreased risk for the medical issues mentioned above. Are you in the LA area and looking for a specialist in holistic bariatric medicine? Contact Dr. Bryan, MD, at 310.228.3652 for more information and to schedule a consultation, today!

Weight Management and Holistic Methods PT. II

In our last blog post we focused on the negative effects that can happen when we allow ourselves to yo-yo diet, the list can go on and on. But what should always be the first priority is your mental and physical health, which is something that Dr. Bryan MD can help you achieve. Dr. Bryan MD takes a holistic approach to helping his patients with weight management.

What Does That Mean?

Taking a holistic approach to weight management means that he looks at the root of the weight problem. Looking at the cause, prevention and treatment of obesity, we are able to attack the problem by accessing the mental situation that is at hand. Our holistic methods look at the mental, spiritual, and physical processes of obesity. We combine our methods with treatments and therapies that are directly correlated with the individual. Our methods and treatment plans are individualized so that each patient will see results geared towards their road to recovery.

What Happens Next?

If you or someone you know will benefit from Dr. Bryan and his holistic methods, give us a call. We are here to help you, mentally and physically. Picture yourself the way you have always wanted to be seen, picture yourself running in a marathon you did not think was possible, picture yourself happy.

Weight Management and Holistic Methods PT. I

There is no surprise that the two times of the year most people want to lose those extra 15 pounds are New Years and summer. Since New Year’s resolutions have since passed, it is the warmer months and shedding of our clothes that have us wanting to lose that extra winter weight we put on. But as many of us know, losing weight is something that is extremely hard to do, especially if you truly enjoy the euphoric feeling you can receive from food. When you just cannot seem to shed those last few pounds, maybe it’s time to try holistic methods to aid in your weight management.

If you have tried the fad diets, for example no carbs and no sugar, and they have failed it is time to consider an alternative method. The problem with those “quick fix” diets is that they teach how to lose weight quickly but they do not teach you how to maintain the weight. This is a constant yo-yo dieting effect which can have last effects on your lifestyle if you allow it to continue. When you have constant weight fluctuating you are causing your health levels to rise and fall at a rate that our bodies are not use to, this can have effects with your levels down the road. Do not keep doing this to your physical or mental health any longer; learn more about our weight management at DrBryanMD.com.