Cellulite: A Connective Tissue Disorder

celluliteAlthough cellulite affects thousands of people on a daily basis, it is a highly manageable condition that can be greatly reduced if you take care of your body properly and use cellulite treatment in Los Angeles. Essentially, cellulite is a connective tissue disorder where the connective tissue that holds everything in place breaks down.

This is often caused by poor exercise, too much sitting, nutritional deficiencies, and more serious conditions like clogged arteries. When you have a poor circulatory system that causes this breakdown of connective tissue, the fat cells that are on top of the connective tissue also begin to breakdown and warp. This is what causes the dimply look to appear.

What Holistic Treatment Options Are There?

The most common, non-invasive treatments that work are: topical creams, which cannot eliminate cellulite completely on their own but do have impressive reduction rates; dry brushing or light massage; and diet and exercise.

 Topical treatment creams: you should look at topical creams that enhance the elasticity of your skin and hydrate it. The best type of cream that you can buy for cellulite reduction is cream that has been infused with caffeine (coffee scrubs) as it has the ability to release fat. In addition to this, any creams with forskolin, which is a natural plant extract, has the ability to convert fat into muscle.

 Dry brushing/light massage: if you are completely new to cellulite treatment in Los Angeles, you may want to start with dry brushing or light massages. These are effective means for reduction as manual massages allow the lymph system to drain. If you have a sluggish lymph system, then you will have a poorer circulatory system. Get the lymph system draining properly again and it will reduce how much cellulite compounds.

Dry brushing is an inexpensive option that also stimulates the lymph system that works just like a light massage. Brush gently across your skin, moving in an upward motion.

 Diet and exercise: helps fight against the accumulation of cellulite by positing that you are at a healthy weight and are consuming the correct foods like fresh vegetables and fruit, water, low-fat dairy, and lean meats. By eating healthy and getting exercise, you are less likely to build up excess body fat which is important as excess weight contributes to cellulite fat structures.

By combining a healthy lifestyle with light massages, topical treatments, or dry brushing, you can greatly reduce how much cellulite you have.