Choosing Non-Invasive Laser Treatment: A Holistic Option: Part 2

Basically, the system looks at targeting stubborn areas of fat through six low-level lasers that sweep over the target areas for a total of 30 minutes per treatment. The lasers emulsify the fat cells within the area, making them collapse after the treatment has commenced. Once this is done the body’s lymphatic system will naturally drain out the collapsed cells.

After you have received treatment from the Verju laser system, you will then have the region massaged with a percussion device for 2 minutes. Then you can go back and continue your daily routines without pain or downtime. The best way to get the most efficient results is to have a balanced regime of exercise and diet in addition to treatments.

Is There Pain With the Treatment?

Now since the laser is in the cold therapy category, it means that the patient doesn’t feel anything when undergoing treatment. There is no pain associated with the treatment and the laser does not harm any healthy cells.

This type of treatment is great for individuals who are looking for a holistic way to reduce the amount of fat cells that they have because it looks at healing the body as a whole rather than just the symptoms of the fat cells. If you have stubborn fat that does not disappear with proper diet and exercise, then you are a good candidate for treatment.