Choosing Non-Invasive Laser Treatment: A Holistic Option

laser treatmentNormally when we think about lasers, laser treatment and laser therapy, we think about heat, recovery time, and burns, however with the new non-invasive laser treatment option called the Verju laser, there is no recovery time and no heat associated with any part of the treatment. It is a great option for individuals who are looking for a holistic approach to reducing their overall body fat, whether that be from your legs, abdomen, arms or other areas.

How Does the Verju System Work?

Rather than using the familiar red colored 635nm surface laser, the Verju uses green diodes that are 532nm in wavelength. By switching to the green low level laser therapy, the treatment can deliver a more effective non-invasive treatment for body weight loss and body contouring. The laser uses more energy than a typical red cold therapy laser so it can treat patients faster and increase the amount of circumference reduction that a patient has after treatment.

Are you looking for Verju laser treatments in Los Angeles? Contact the services of today to learn more about the non-invasive procedure to treat cellulite. Holistic practices can be a safe and effective way to combat unsightly cellulite in areas of the abdomen and thighs.