Natural Cellulite Solutions: Physical and Oral Treatment Options

weight lossCellulite is a condition that affects more women than men, but everyone can suffer from it as it is an imbalance between the connective tissues in your body and the fat cells that sit on top of this connective tissue. Narrowing down the cause of your cellulite can be exhausting since it can be from genetics, from poor diet, from lack of exercise, or from imbalanced hormones, or any combination thereof.

Since cellulite is a result of the breakdown of cells, both connective and fat, it is suggested that natural methods are pursued when it comes to cellulite treatment in Los Angeles. There are several physical and oral options that an individual can use in combination with one another to reduce the appearance of their cellulite.

 Oral Treatment Options: A Healthier Diet or Supplements?

The number-one thing you can do in fighting against cellulite is make sure you are eating a healthy food balance and drinking plenty of water.

By eating lots of lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruit, and low-fat dairy, you are ensuring you are getting the nutrients into your body that it needs in order to repair and keep its cells at optimal performance. But if you would like to go a step further, try adding in omega-3s and gelatin as both help in digestion processes and the elasticity of loose skin.

Physical Treatment Options: Exercise and Coffee Scrubs!

A physical body treatment will look at treating the skin directly where the cellulite is. The best options are ones that are going to stimulate your lymphatic system so that the broken down fat cells get processed out of the body. There are three different physical body options for this specifically: coffee scrubs, myofascial massages, and dry brushing.

Dry brushing promotes blood flow, tighter skin, and cell renewal and helps the lymphatic skin release any toxins in your body. A coffee scrub will stimulate blood flow and have a tightening effect on your skin. Finally, a myofascial massage will look at targeting the connective tissue directly.

In addition to this, doctors suggest doing kettlebell workouts as an option for cellulite treatment in Los Angeles as it will increase blood flow to the entire body and burn any excess fat in the region.