Maintaining a positive state of health is something that the doctor office of Dr. Bryan MD strives to work towards. We work diligently to ensure you successful results of a healthy lifestyle from start until finish. By taking a different approach to patient health and utilizing holistic methods, we have set and broken standards for satisfaction ratings. We do this by ensuring our patient’s needs are fully met and providing services that prove for life long results.

Holistic methods are taking the medical society by storm, it is a new wave of ideological thoughts and processes and present new ways to help patients achieve maximum health. Holistic methods are defined as making a direct link between physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and applying all of those attributes to the various services that we offer.

Each of the services that we offer is individualized for each patient’s success. Couple each plan with scientific findings, proven techniques and holistic methods, Dr. Bryan is able to take patients deteriorating health and turn it around. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly to ensure your health is in exceptionally good hands.

The specialized holistic methods services we offer are:

Motivational Interviewing: Also known as MI, motivational interviewing is the notion of a counseling approach that is doctor and patient intensive to help the patient strengthen their motivation to change.

Medical Hypnosis: Works in conjunction with MI by digging deeper into the patient’s subconscious level to find the root of an issue and address it accordingly.
Addiction Medicine: Utilizes various methods of holistic methods coupled with suboxone therapy to help individuals overcome any type of addiction dependency.

Pain Management: Uses five different modalities based upon holistic methods and Chinese medicine to help patients who are experiencing pain as a result of an injury or illness.

Medical Acupuncture: Takes the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatments with think needles inserted into strategically placed areas of the body. This type of treatment can be used to treat or aid in various painful and mindful disorders.

Weight Management: Is coupled with other services to help patients address the root of their weight issues, this can be a mental or physical problem.

HIV Medicine: This service is designed to be married with specialized medical treatments while providing patients with therapies and treatments that relieve pain and stress and halt the progress of symptoms.

Manual Medicine: Is used in conjunction with holistic methods to provide therapy effecting musculoskeletal systems and the pain and stress that arises with them.