The Benefits behind Holistic Low-Level Laser Therapy

laser treatmentHolistic health treatments and medicine look at healing the entire individual by addressing the root cause of the issue. This means achieving optimal health and wellness by balancing the physical body, the mind, the spirit and an individual’s emotions with treatments that address the entire being.

Individuals who are looking to enjoy the benefits of holistic medicine may want to try low-level laser therapy. Low-level laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy, emits low levels of light that is non-heated. This light is absorbed by the mitochondria which can use it to heal any damaged tissue that the individual has.

There are plenty of holistic benefits to receiving low-level laser therapy which can be received either from a laser meant to heal tissue or a laser that is meant to aesthetically change the physical body. An aesthetic low-level laser like the Verju laser in Los Angeles, is the first of its kind to promote fat reduction and cellulite removal with no recovery or pain.

What Are the Primary Holistic Benefits of the Verju Laser System?

First and foremost, it is an alternative to both surgical procedures and medication, meaning an individual will not need to have surgery done or take medications after receiving treatment from a certified laser technician. In addition to this, the treatment not only reduces inflammation in the body but it can actually help regenerate any damaged tissue.

It can reduce the amount of stubborn fat that an individual has around specific areas of their body and even help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The Verju laser in Los Angeles can provide an individual with a better awareness of their body, how it functions and how it deals with fat removal on a cellular level and it can help the body have faster recovery times. It can treat the following:

  • Cellulite — provide reduction
  • Fat removal — get rid of unwanted pockets of fat
  • Reduce circumference of specific areas
  • Break down toxins within the body naturally
  • Boost the lymphatic system into doing its job

 It has no downtime, it has little to no recovery time, it uses non-invasive techniques and it looks at balancing the physical body. Overall, if you’re looking for a holistic medical route for circumference reduction and cellulite removal, the laser system is it.