The Holistic Benefits of Low Laser Medicine

holistic healthA low-level laser therapy can be a great option for those who are looking for an effective alternative to medication and surgery. What makes it so great is the fact that there are no side effects and no down time with any of the treatments that the system can provide.

Not only does it help individuals regenerate tissue faster, but it can help reduce any type of inflammation on the body and decrease any pain caused from injuries or said inflammation. With advanced technology, the Verju laser in Los Angeles can even reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce the amount of fat that an individual has around specific areas of their body like their abdomen, thighs and arms.

Now because holistic medicine looks at treating the entire body as a whole, it is important to note that the Verju system does just that, it targets any pain or fat at the cellular level and either eliminates it or reduces it. For those who want to heal their body from the inside out, can expect to experience the following benefits of obtaining low level laser therapy:

  • A reduction in fat
  • No recovery time or down time
  • Pain reduction for injuries
  • Helps muscle-fatigue
  • Can reduce cellulite appearance
  • Will not harm other healthy cells if fat cells are only being targeted
  • It can help all kinds of conditions including: arthritis, skin conditions and feet conditions
  • There are no known side effects
  • Almost anyone is a candidate

 Now because the Verju laser in Los Angeles is a non-invasive and new system, it uses the new technology of green diodes. This means that unlike red lasers, there is no time needed to heal because there is no heat and no pain with the treatment.

It uses light to boost the healing capabilities of an individual’s mitochondria which means that the time it takes to heal is quicker.  In terms of treatments that it provides, not only can it reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce the amount of fat cells, it can also help those who have chronic pain conditions.