What is The Non-Invasive Verju System?

laser treatmentThe Verju laser system has brought updated technology to the medical field for body contouring and cellulite removal by changing up how they use lasers in targeting the circumference of fatty areas on the body.

The system uses green laser diodes instead of regular diodes which can effectively deliver faster and more precise results. The system uses 532nm wavelength diodes that produce 25 percent more energy than what red diodes laser treatment systems put out. By changing this one simple mechanic, the laser has an increase in treatment times and an increase in how much circumference is actually reduced on the treated area.

What Can It Treat and How Does It Work?

The system can treat any form of cellulite and it can contour areas where there is stubborn fat. Stubborn fat is known to be resistant to diet and exercise and is often made up of different types of fat cells which are what makes it so difficult to get rid of.

This stubborn fat can contribute to cellulite, which are the bumpy portions of skin that you see typically on thighs and buttocks. By reducing the overall circumference of the body at the hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen, cellulite will be naturally reduced.

The stubborn areas of fat are targeted through by six low-level lasers that sweep over the target areas for a total of thirty minutes per treatment. The lasers emulsify the fat cells within the area, making them collapse after the treatment has commenced. Once this is done and the fat cells have collapsed, the body’s lymphatic system will naturally eliminate them.

After you have received treatment from the Verju laser system, you will then have the region massaged with a percussion device for two minutes. Then you can go back and continue your daily routines without pain or downtime. The best way to get the most efficient results is to have a balanced regime of exercise and diet in addition to treatments.